Regardless of whether you are currently a member or your membership has expired, the website remembers your profile and account (unless you request for us to delete/remove all of your data) and therefore you can still log in.

If you have forgotton your password, providing you have the same email address that you originally joined up with, you can request a new password. See our guide to requesting a new password.

If you are currently a member, your membership will automatically renew each year on the anniversary when you orginally joined up. Your payment details are retained by Stripe, our secure payment gateway. When signing up you agreed to renew unless you cancel. Therefore, providing your card details are still up to date and correct, your membership will renew automatically. You can log into your membership account at any time to check your payment details or indeed, amend them, by clicking the blue button to "Renew, Upgrade or Update Billing".

If you would like to rejoin as your membership has expired, simply log into your member account and you can click the blue button to "Renew, Upgrade or Update Billing", choose the membership level that you would like, and then enter your payment details below. It's worth checking that we still have the correct and postcode for you.